Finland to relax travel restrictions

Nova Talent, Vesa Laakso

Today 11th September 2020 Finnish Government made new announcement to relax travel restrictions.
Next Saturday, 19th September it is possible travel to Finland without restrictions for example from countries; Germany, Slovakia, Sweden and Norway.
Mentioned countries are below rate of 25 infections per 100 000 population

Finnish Government have set following guideline for updating travel restrictions: 

"As of that date (19th Sept 2020) travel will open up from countries with fewer than 25 coronavirus infections per 100,000 inhabitants during the preceding two weeks.
At present the limit is 8 per 100,000." 
".. future travelers from countries exceeding the 25 per 100,000 limit will required to take a coronavirus test prior to their arrival to Finland".

According the Government press conference coronavirus test result need to be less that 72 hours old when travelling to Finland
This "test and come" -procedure will be applied to the countries exceeding 25 infection per 100,00 inhabitants. Countries less that 25 infections there is no limitation entering Finland. 

This is really good news since long period of time. Situation have been challenging when it comes to topic of mobility.                                                                                                    Looking forward finally to initiate Erasmus activities to Finland.

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