Document movie from Turku Region

Nova Talent, Vesa Laakso

I would like to wish you all more more active mobility year 2021!

Looking forward fruitful co-operation in theme of "internship destination Turku!"

I noticed interesting piece of news in social media. German TV-channel MareTV made movie about "finnische schäremeer". It's about local inhabitants pride and joy Archipelago Sea, which is actually quite full of rocks and underwater shallows, as name of the movie Finnish rocky-sea introduces. Unfortunately my German skills are not that good, but I'm able hear Finnish language once in while before translations. If you speak German - please enjoy all the aspects! Otherwise enjoy impressive landscape and nice views from Archipelago. 

If you happen to have some 45 minutes time slot at your schedule -laid back and take it easy;-) I really recommend to get more familiar with this issue:  link to to the video