Integration to working life

Nova Talent is connecting new talents and working life.
We support individuals with the right skill-set and motivation and help them to find a place where they can become professionals.

Our business idea is to connect working life and future professionals. We are not offering random jobs to random job seekers, but talented individuals for committed companies. Our way of thinking enables a win-win situation for both the company and motivated individual. Nova Talent idea of sustainable working life integration is to create balance between company requirements and applicant needs for finnishing his or her studies.
Sustainable working life integration - Nova Talent’s business idea in a nutshell.

Nova Talent coaches future experts of IT industry. Coaching is arranged also in English and we are very keen to integrate international students and job seekers to working life in Finland.

Introduction to find a coding job

By filling our competence profile, you have an opportunity to check what IT-industry might offer to you. We are constantly searching for matches between companies and new talents.

 Nova Talent competence profile 

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